Benilava - iWPM

Easily measure reading accuracy and speed!

Calculator mode on iPhone 4

iWPM iconIf you need to measure reading accuracy, WPM (words per minute) or WCPM (words correct per minute), iWPM makes it fast and easy. iWPM is an app for your iPhone, iPhone touch or iPad that helps you easily measure how quickly and accurately a passage is read.

Stopwatch mode on iPhone 3G

To use iWPM, enter the number of words in the passage to be read (most such materials include a word count). Click Start, and press the + button for each observed error. During reading, and when reading is complete, the accuracy and WPM (or WCPM) is displayed.

Stopwatch mode on iPad


Stopwatch Mode
Click the Start button, and timing begins. Fast and easy!

Calculator Mode
Spin the dials at the bottom of the screen to set the number of errors, and how long it took to read the passage. Accuracy, words per minute and words correct per minute are calculated and displayed instantly! Fast and easy!

Click Sounds
A quiet click tells you you've pressed the button. Turn them on and off easily.

Highly Compatible
iWPM is works with iPhone and iPod touch, with any iOS version 3.1.3 or later. iWPM looks great on iPad too.